Tailor-made solution for medium to large    Enterprise
MiVoice MX-ONE Service Node - different options
   depending on customer needs
Application Server Unit - optional Service Node
   hardware platform (server board)
MX-ONE Media Gateways - both softwareand
   hardware-based options
On-premises or cloud-based deployment options
Powerful redundancy options with high security
Single point of entry for system management
MiVoice MX-ONE
Driving the Mobile Enterprise
The MX-ONE is a complete SIP-based communications system scalable from 100 to 500,000 users with a fully distributed architecture for deployment flexibility. The integration of voice, video and data with mobile capabilities provide increased efficiency and operation flexibility. The same wide range of services and features are available for both on-premises or cloud-based deployments of the MX-ONE solution.
MX-ONE Media Gateways
MX-ONE 1U chassis is the choice for pure IP environments. There is also room for one additional extension board and one MGU2 board in case of ISDN connection.
3U chassis, more suitable for IP environments and branch office scenarios with the space for one MGU2 board, one ASU, plus three or five TDM boards, depending on whether an external server is used or not
7U chassis, fitted with an MGU2 board, targets mainly mixed environments with space for up to 16 legacy boards.
The MiVoice MX-ONE Service Node is the heart of theMiVoice MX-ONE solution. The high-capacity MX-ONEService Node call server software-either virtualized or running on a standard server platform-can handle up to 15,000 SIP users and 15 media gateways in a single server configuration. Multiple MX-ONE Service Nodes and media gateways can be combined to form a single logical system and deployed either as a large centralized system or as a distributed system with many servers and media gateways spread over a geographically dispersed area.
MX-ONE Manager Suite offers a complete range of applications for administrators and end-users. MiVoice MX-ONE appears as one single system regardless of the number of servers and media gateways (MGW). For more information, please refer to the MiVoice MX-ONE Management Suite brochure.
It is possible to run the MiVoice MX-ONE Service Node, MX-ONE Media Server and Mitel’s Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) applications as virtual machines in a customer VMware environment. This enables IT departments to integrate their real-time communicationsas-a-service in the cloud. Based on virtualization, cloud services or Software-as-a-Service eliminate the need for organizations to build or buy the IT infrastructure themselves. The consolidation of server hardware through virtualization reduces the server footprint, offering lower power consumption and cooling requirements as well as decreased physical space requirements. Virtualization also enables high availability options that can provide increased
resiliency for real time applications. Currently, MiVoice MX-ONE uses VMware software as part of its virtualization solution. Mitel has verified complete solutions, including MX-ONE Service Node software, MX-ONE Media Server, as well as Mitel UCC applications (e.g. MiCollab UCC suite, MiContact Center Enterprise, MiCollab Advanced Messaging) running as virtual machines
By integrating voice, video and data with mobility, enterprises will benefit from increased efficiency and productivity, particularly for users on the move inside and outside the office. Operational flexibility is enhanced for medium-sized installations by the MX-ONE Express, which provides a
bundled, UCC integrated solution. With a fully distributed architecture, the MX-ONE solution can be deployed in a centralized or distributed scenario; as one system or a multi-node system across hundreds of geographically dispersed locations. This deployment flexibility allows for optimized
total cost of ownership, regardless of whether you are a single or multi-site business.
MiVoice MX-ONE Highlights
• Global platform with proven track record
• Integrated voice, video and data with mobility
• Scalable from 100 to 500,000 users
• Premises-based or cloud deployment
• Open and flexible infrastructure
• Value-added applications and services for  advanced UCC
• Flexible licensing
• Enhanced intrusion security and support for secure communications
• Strong native redundancy options
The MiVoice MX-ONE family is comprised of the following products

Complete communications
solution for Large Enterprise

cloud solution

Pre-configured cost-effective
solution for Medium Enterprise
Why MiVoice MX-ONE?
  The MX-ONE solution enjoys a history of offering unparalleled investment protection to an impressive installed base of more than 60,000 customers in over 100 countries. With the capability for strong redundancy and high-availability, the MX-ONE can scale from a few hundred users to over 500,000 users on a single system.
   The solution has been deployed in multiple vertical industries around the world including:
•  Hospitality and tourism
•  Education
•  Health Care
•  Manufacturing
•  Finance
•  Public Sector
   With MX-ONE, you have the choice of moving from closed, proprietary-based environments to completely open SIP and UCC environments that can reside in your data center as a virtualized solution, or in the cloud as a software-as-a-service (SaaS). Regardless of the deployment model chosen, your communications and business applications are able to work together in an open standards environment. Applications unifying these domains are imperative for improving the efficiency and ompetitiveness of the modern enterprise. Particularly as video technology matures and becomes a mainstream form of communication in the workplace.
   MiVoice MX-ONE fulfills high security requirements from finance, government and other sectors that have a need for enhanced intrusion security and secure communications. On top of that, it offers a range of native redundancy options to cater to different customer requirements
Because of MX-ONE’s Path to the Cloud...

   Companies now have the choice to plug in and subscribe to the range of MiVoice MX-ONE servicers now available over the internet. As your business grows, MiVoice MXONE can be scaled quickly to support many customers with a single version of the product, without the need to
replace costly infrastructure or adding IT staff.
   The cloud solution provides the ultimate deployment flexibility and can reach any worker, in any location, on any device. The company is free to deploy whichever applications will benefit the business most.
   The centralization of management and administrative tasks can save company’s hundreds of hours over the traditional model. As a result the administrator can perform tasks once and have confidence that the result will be complete companywide.
   A cloud solution results in rapid deployment of services and faster speed to the market. A new feature or application can be made available immediately on a global basis, making it the most scalable, cost-effective way of meeting the challenges of device evolution.
   Since the subscription model also provides spend that is predictable and easy to calculate, budgeting is simple. With no upfront capital outlay, an organisation can deploy immediately.
   Having an MX-ONE cloud solution, enterprises can benefit from the same unified communications solution as a premises-based deployment. Users get access to the same applications, phones and services, in the office, in a remote location or even from home. The overall cost saving,
service enhancements and time savings can be significant. The choice is no longer about the technology, but how and where you want to deploy it, based on what makes sense for your business
The Benefits of MX-ONE in the Cloud
Because of MX-ONE’s UCC Capabilities...

   Combining presence information with the multiple models of communication within an organisation, improves both employee accessibility and response time. Whether
across the office or across the globe, collaboration can happen instantly, with the choice of device and mode of communication determined by the user and situation.
   All communication services converge over one network, no matter if fixed or mobile, public or private, working seamlessly together as an infrastructure, accessible anywhere and everywhere.
   These opportunities not only save time, but heighten productivity and improve overall enterprise effectiveness. By deploying the MX-ONE, organizations can also
immediately start saving on operational costs. In addition, this single common infrastructure, is much easier to manage as it makes use of IT and operation and
management tools for both voice and data applications.
   Save on travel time and expenses - with MX-ONE, your employees are empowered to connect and collaborate on their own terms, wherever they are. integrated within
the solution is MiCollab - a collaboration solution and set of applications that account for considerable savings in travel time and expenses. Additionally, MiTeam is a mobilefirst, team collaboration application with real-time, native integration that supports the way teams actually work today, significantly improving employee productivity and collaboration.
• High adoption rates with seamless user experience
• Lower IT costs
• Pay for what you use, subscription-based model
• Rapid deployment
• Painless upgrades
• Seamless integration
• Network harmonisation
• Hybrid or private cloud
Key Solution Components
• Complete, SIP-based solution
• Multimedia collaboration
• Multi-channel contact center
• Video conferencing
• Unified messaging
• Mobile applications
• Broad phone portfolio
• Industry specific applications
• Extensive reporting functionality
• One-point entry management suite
Because of MX-ONE’s Mobility...
     What used to be a privilege is now a common occurrence - even necessary. Mitel MiVoice MX-ONE offers on- and off-site mobility solutions for those in need of enterprise communications on the move.
     Mitel’s comprehensive phone portfolio, from standard office models to intrinsically safe DECT terminal handsets combined with alarm/messaging applications, addresses a wide variety of in-building/campus mobility needs and serve a variety of industries requiring custom call handling control.
     For business users on the move, the Mitel Mobile Client (MMC), offered as a licensed feature per user, connects mobile devices directly to the MX-ONE as normal SIP users. Mobile apps for OIS, Android and Blackberry offer a feature rich user interface, together with corporate directory and presence integration for an enhanced user experience.
MiVoice MX-ONE
MiVoice MX-ONE Solution
MiVoice MX-ONE Management Suite
Makes administration, configuration, reporting and monitoring of the
MiVoice MX-ONE simple, fast and easy
Discover the MiVoice MX-ONE
Management Suite
   Mitel’s MiVoice MX-ONE is a comprehensive and fully integrated communications solution for medium- to large-sized business and enterprise. It can be deployed on premises or in the cloud to deliver feature-rich Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) capabilities.
   The MiVoice MX-ONE Management Suite makes administration of the MiVoice MX-ONE system simple and intuitive.
The MiVoice MX-ONE
Management Suite is
comprised of the
following elements:
• MX-ONE Service Node Manager (SNM)
• MX-ONE Provisioning Manager (PM)
• Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA)
  (MX-ONE Traffic Manager)
Thanks to MiVoice MX-ONE Management Suite’s task-oriented features for fast configuration, administration and monitoring, administrators can setup and manage most of the system settings within a single website.
Tight integration with MiVoice MX-ONE means a consistent look and feel as administrators navigate through the setup tasks efficiently. Configuration difficulties are minimized with guided setup walkthroughs, templates for faster configuration and accessible online user guides. Furthermore, administration is not limited to a single instance with the ability to jump between multiple instances and tasks at
any time, without losing valuable data.
MiVoice MX-ONE Service Node Manager

   The MX-ONE Service Node Manager provides a consistent look and feel for administrators. Configuration is simple using guided tours, templates and online user guides.
• Automatically installed on the first MiVoice
  MX-ONE Service Node in each system
• Provides view, add, remove, change, print and
  compare tools for most configuration command
• Supports HTTPS for secure configuration
• Contains walkthroughs for guided set up of new
  sites or complex configurations
• Uses templates for faster configuration.
  Templates can be downloaded and uploaded to
  other MX-ONE Service Node Managers
• Complete configuration independent of the
  order in which the data is entered
• Connects to multiple IP phone software
  servers for remote management of IP phone
  configuration files
• Pre-configured SIP trunks to simplify
  configuration for different providers
  (upload settings via a config file)
MiVoice MX-ONE Service Node Manager includes the initiation and system configuration for IP/SIP terminals. Through the Service Node Manager, the system administrator can easily create or edit existing configuration files, and enable terminals to be connected to the LAN. Once connected, relevant configuration files
and software will be automatically downloaded to the phones. User and extension related settings are configured via MX-ONE Provisioning Manager.


  • HTTP and secure HTTP (HTTPS) protocols
  • Command line interface for executing Unix-style

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11
  • Accessible via standard web browser: Internet
     Explorer, Chrome and Firefox supported
MiVoice MX-ONE Provisioning Manager
The MX-ONE Provisioning Manager allows end user settings to be shared among other MX-ONE applications (like voice mail, UCC suite, call center, attendants, etc.). Each end user can be assigned multiple extensions, as well as a mailbox and other services. Provisioning Manager clearly displays task-oriented features, which eliminates the need for synchronization with the MX-ONE Service Node. The Provisioning Manager supports configuration of all MX-ONE extensions. With a direct connection to MXONE, it fetches and displays real-time information, such as free numbers and existing extensions, updating to the settings most recently applied.
• No software installation required - set up done via a
  web-based graphical configuration tool
• Administer one or multiple extensions at the same time
• Quick access to view, add, remove and change
  end-users, departments, administrators, extensions,
• Configures one or several MX-ONE Service Nodes,
  MiCollab, MiCollab Advanced Messaging and Mitel
  CMG, and provides links to other management GUIs,
  such as Mitel Mobile Client portal etc.
• Direct access to MiVoice MX-ONE Service Node
  Manager where you can view, add, remove and
  change groups, class of services, access codes, voice
  announcements and more
• Integration with Microsoft Active Directory (AD),
  providing direct access to the corporate user database
• Self-service where end-users can access MX-ONE PM
  and manage personal lists, function keys and general
  settings themselves
• Support for multi-tenant provisioning


       • HTTP and secure HTTP (HTTPS) protocols
       • Command line interface for executing Unix-style

       • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11
       • Optional: SMTP-compliant e-mail server
       • Accessible via standard web browser: Internet
          Explorer, Chrome and Firefox supported
     • On the same server as MX-ONE
     • Stand-alone on own Linux server
Mitel Performance Analytics
Deployed in more than 5,000 networks worldwide,
Mitel’s Fault & Performance Management software
provides the tools to proactively detect and address
service quality issues before the customer is impacted.
Specifically, it provides:
     • Performance monitoring
     • Fault management (alerts & testing tools)
     • Secure remote access
     • Detailed reporting
     • System backup (not available on all products)

Since effective service quality management requires
complete network visibility, Mitel Performance Analytics
provides monitoring capabilities for multi-vendor
devices (such as servers, routers/switches, IP DECT
base stations, session border controllers), in addition
to sophisticated performance management of Mitel
solutions. Advanced capabilities are available for specific
device types and vendors, and virtually any IP device
type can be monitored with configurable SNMP support.
• Cloud-hosted or on-premises deployment
• Manage multiple customer networks from a single interface
• 24/7 performance monitoring detects problems BEFORE they  impact the customer
• MiVoice MX-ONE call server (hardware and license IDs, alarms, feature, user and device license inventories)
• Server (CPU, memory, disk usage, ping latency, packet loss, reachability/availability, interface statistics, performance threshold alarms)
• MiVoice MX-ONE SIP set voice quality metrics (R Value) by call
• Extension and terminal registration monitoring
• Route utilization (calls per hour, maximum utilization)
• Gateway utilization (SIP/legacy)
• MiVoice MX-ONE application server (availability,
installation and operating status of Windows services - running/non-running)
• Alerts via email, SMS or Twitter with alarm management options
• Alarm Analytics to pinpoint most critical issues quickly
• Troubleshoot problems remotely with secure remote access and    testing tools
• Detailed SLA reporting
• Inventory reporting (users, sets, licenses, services)
• IPT user dashboard, including voice quality by call for each IPT      user
• Communications are authenticated and encrypted, with standards-based IP security mechanisms including SSL (RSA-2048/AES 128), SSH (RSA1024/AES 128) and HTTPS
• A software or hardware ‘probe’ provided by Mitel
is required to access and monitor devices on a
remote customer network
• Accessible via standard web browser: Internet
Explorer, Chrome and Firefox supported
• Command line interface for executing
Unix-style commands
MiVoice MX-ONE
MiVoice MX-ONE Solution
MiVoice MX-ONE Management Suite
Discover the MiVoice MX-ONE Solution
MX-ONE Management Suite
MiVoice MX-ONE Management Suite
MiVoice MX-ONE Solution
MiVoice MX-ONE
MiVoice MX-ONE Management Suite
MiVoice MX-ONE Solution
MiVoice MX-ONE
      OFFICE 470
   The Mitel 470 controller can be used for up to 400 users in
a stand alone configuration.
   In a networked system, up to 600 users, that can be distributed on 50 different sites, can also have access to the full range of services offered by the MiVoice Office 400 communication servers.
   Mitel 470 can also be fitted with an integrated application
server. This server allows innovative communication services
to be seamlessly integrated into the system. Examples are
multimedia communication, unified communications (voice,
e-mail, chat, fax etc.) as well as collaborative work.