Classic-LAN or Cloud-Powered FIDS ? It's up to you.
The smart and innovative architecture of the Fids3 Flight Information Display System
can deal with both kind of platforms
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Fids3 CLoud+LAN Solutions
The Fids3 system is consequently designed using web architecture. All front-ends (GUI, monitor layouts) are browser based
The right information at the right time at the right place. That's what an essential system of airport's operations - the FIDS (Flight Information Display System) - has to provide to. The Fids3 is an advanced Flight Information Display System designed to match the today's technology demands
The Fids3 system was the first FIDS consequently designed for the Web. This architecture and our vast experience with this technology (since 2005) gives you the freedom to run it from a cloud platform as well as inside the airport's LAN'
Fids3 integrates all common message services (e.g. SMS, E-Mail, WhatsApp, Twitter) and remote systems (e.g. Airport's AODB or public Webserver)
Fids3 doesn't require any proprietary hardware nor cost-intensive licenses (e.g. database, operating system)
Find here a list of features and characteristics of our FIDS solution
Web Architecture
The Fids3 Flight Information Display System is designed to run on/with every common available hardware (Monitors, Smart-TVs, PCs, Tablets). This implies technically freedom and cost-cutting effects for the airport's budget as well the option to do hardware maintenance by the airport's technicians themselves or any eligible local IT company
Non Proprietary
All front-ends (GUI and monitor display layouts) designed in browser technology enabling communication from everywhere and with every device (e.g. PC, tablet) and any browser. Proprietary client GUI programs are not needed
The architecture of the Fids3 Flight Information Display System allows to run the system inside an airport's LAN as well as from a Cloud based platform. A Cloud solution can be provided very quick and because of its simpleness it can even be done without getting us on-site for assistance. Get in touch with us to learn more about this future conception and its benefits
LAN and Cloud
Custom Upload
Fids3 is prepared to configure so-called 'codeshare pools' to link flight numbers together. This generically concept causes the system automatically to synchronize the data of such coupled flights and the appropriate displays (e.g. scrolling logo and flight numbers)
Code Sharing
You have new or changed airline logos to be displayed on your info screens ? You have additional videos to be integrated into you advertising playing lists ? The Fids3 system contains comprehensive and integrated upload functionalities to do such things independently by yourself. This should be standard functionality today - but it isn't yet
Due to its web design Fids3 can naturally display any language and character set. Further the Google Translator API is fully integrated into our solution. This enables you to inquire translation proposals for any language supported by Google (e.g. 中国国际航空 and الإمارات). Fids3 can vertically scroll display texts (e.g. flight remarks in different languages)
Foreign Language Support
Hardware Freedom
The Today's Standard
Fids3 has the ability to display the remarks in a multi-language vertical scrolling manner considering the destination the flight is going to. E.g. if a flight is going to Beijing, you can display the remarks in English and Chinese language. If the flight has Sulaymaniyah as its destination, it can be shown in the languages English, Kurdish and Arabic. This can be configured for every destination individually and is a nice service to your customers.
Sensitive Flight Remarks
Fids3 has a security feature which enables you to create any number of user accounts. A role-based authorization concept makes it possible to create any combination of access rights for a certain account
This feature makes it possible to isolate the view and access rights for a user account to a single or a few numbers of airlines. This design is dedicated to airline employees which have to handle their flights
Carrier Restrictions
The Fids3 Flight Information Display System continuously retrieves METAR data for all relevant flight destinations from the Internet. The weather information is displayed e.g. on gate and check-in displays
Weather Data
Flight Tracking
Fids3 is prepared to communicate with Email, Twitter, WhatsApp and SMS. This ability is used to inform staff users and passengers about flight status changes. Further it is possible to notify the administrator account about relevant system incidents
Fids3 has a unique 24x7 application server running in the Internet and available to the public. The system is continuesly running with simulated flight status/data changes and enables potential airport customers to evaluate the system GUI to get a feeling about the abilities of our FIDS solution
Demo System
Get running a cloud-based Fids3 system is as simple as to connect to 'Google's' start page. Just hang your screens at any location a solid Internet connection is available - That's it.
The pure Web Architecture of the Fids3 Flight Information Display System allows it to run our software on a cloud platform as well as locally inside the airport's LAN. This offers new, attractive opportunities for airport customers and reduces the costs barrier significantly.
                   The nature of a cloud server platform is its scalability and high availability. Further there isn't any need to care about aging server hardware, power supplies, cooling, vast racks and cabinets nor any defective components. Its 'just available' and you don't have to care about it. Hosting can be done alternatively on US or German cloud servers
We automatically monitor the operation of the system 24/7 and take care it is running fine. The communication connection to each one of your screens can be monitiored by yourselves using the appropriate GUI service. Beside a dedicated logging feature the system is designed to send you notifications via Email and/or Twitter in case of any relevant occurrences
                               Aside from an initial fee (to cover the effort to set-up the Fids3 system and the cloud resources costs) there are no upfront expenses to be paid. We do not want you to buy a pig in a poke and don't charge you anything for the first 60-Days of operation. During this period you can resign without any additional costs nor liabilities. The further use of the system is based on an unrivaled low-priced monthly rate without any period of commitment